About Us

Who We Are

Not an Ice Cream shop. We're the best and only Award Winning Film Production Company with a cool name.  

Nelson Cabrera - Director. 

10 Cannes Lions

Our Flavors

Comedy, Autos, Branded Entertainment and Post Production 

Come Find Us

Give us a shout at 310-699-3133 or Nelson@CSundae.com for some amazing award winning work. 

Contact Us

Only if you have boards. Don't send shit we don't want. If you have SINGLE Bid Boards TEXT US RIGHT AWAY. Back to you in less than 5 mins. Otherwise within 24 hours

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Cherry Sundae

World Wide With Our Partners

(310) 699-3133


Open 19 hours a day, 30 days a year,  more or less. Depends on the economy. Yes, we spend like $14 on this site. So email us for current award winning work at Nelson@CSundae.com